Yugoslavian Car Parts YUGO

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Fiat 128 Sedan Wagon   Yugo  Lower Control Arm with Ball Joint  1971-6/78
Part name: Control Arm Swing Arm with Ball joint Fits car MAKE(s): Fiat ..
YUGO  Rear Seat Handle Lever  Knob  4176182  Black  New Old Stock
Part name: Rear seat handle "knob" cover Fits car MAKE(s): Yugo ..
Yugo Charcoal Carbon Emmissions Control  Evaporative Cannister   46620836    NOS
Part name: Charcoal cannister  Evaporative cannister Fits car M..
YUGO Differential  Lock Tab   4249333
Part name: Differential lock tab Fits car MAKE(s): Yugo  &..
YUGO Heater Control on Dashboard with 3 knobs and cable clips  4431813
Part name: Heater control lever assembly on dash. With 3 knobs and s..
Yugo Transaxle Output Seal  CV axle inner seal
Part name: Output shaft seal Fits car MAKE(s): Yugo Fits car MODEL(s..